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Tree Injury Peachtree City

$150,000 Settlement Tree Injury


Dead Tree Falls And Hits Landscaper

While performing landscaping duties that our client was hired to do, a dead tree fell and struck our client. He suffered injuries that needed medical attention. He was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries to his head, back and hip. After he was discharged from the hospital he continued to have leg, back and hip pain. Knowing that something still wasn’t right our client began to see several different orthopedists. Eventually it was determined that he needed hip surgery. Approximately 18 months after the initial injury he ended up having hip surgery.

Facing High Medical Bills

As you can imagine he was left with high medical bills and he had missed a lot of work which means he had a lot of lost income.We filed suit against the owner of the property and the business renting the property. Both parties allegedly knew the particular tree was dead and that it posed a danger of falling. They negligently failed to remove the tree. After filing suit we took several depositions, two of those included the property owner and the business owner.

Final Results

We were able to settle this case without going to trail. By doing this our client saved money on additional fees. The settlement amount was for $150,000.00. The amount of the settlement was more than the outstanding medical bills and lost wages combined.

Negotiating Expenses

Another aspect of our firm that sets us apart is that we negotiated his medical bills. We were able to successfully negotiate with our client’s health insurance companies to reduce the amount owed for medical expenses paid to almost $0. This equates to more money that our client gets to keep.

An Added Bonus

The most important aspect of this case is that our client made a full recovery. That is not always the case with our clients, so it was a relief to see him completely healed.

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