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Newnan Resident Involved In Car Accident

My Client Received Over 10 Times The Initial Offer!


Automobile accidents happen almost every day. Some are serious with life threatening injuries, and some are minor where both parties walk away with aches and pains.


The following is a real accident with real results. To protect the confidentiality of our clients we will not be stating any names. Every auto accident is unique. The following settlement amount is real but it can not be assumed that a similar auto accident will result in a similar settlement. If you want an idea on what to expect for a settlement call and speak with one of our expert auto accident lawyers.


The Accident Location

Buford Dam Road is a very scenic road that many people use to get back and forth between Cumming and Buford. This scenic connector skirts along the southern shore of Lake Lanier. Approximately half way between Buford and Cumming, Little Mill Road dead ends into Buford Dam Road. It is at this intersection where our clients vehicle was struck.


The Accident Report

Our Client was driving his friends truck while said friend was seated in the front passenger seat. They were traveling eastbound on Buford Dam Road. As they approached the intersection of Little Mill Road the vehicle that struck them was sitting stopped at the stop sign in a northbound direction. This vehicle was waiting to turn left and head westbound on Buford Dam Road. Our client states that the vehicle pulled out in front of them and the driver was looking in the opposite direction. Without enough time to stop or avoid the collision, the vehicle struck the front right side of our clients pickup truck. The driver of the other vehicle stated that she looked both ways and thought it was clear but did not see our clients truck. The driver of this vehicle was at fault and was cited for failure to yield while turning left.


Injuries Sustained

Fortunately there were no major injuries and no one had to be transported to the hospital. The driver of the vehicle at fault had a visible scrape on her right elbow but said that she would take herself to the hospital. Our client had some back pain but declined being transported to the hospital. Our clients friend had some neck pain but also declined transportation to the hospital.


Vehicle Damage

According to the referenced police report, the at fault vehicle is Vehicle 1 and our clients vehicle is Vehicle 2. Vehicle 1 is a 2008 Nissan Versa white in color. Vehicle 2 is a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado silver in color. Vehicle 2 sustained damage to the right front corner. Vehicle 1 sustained damage to the left front corner. Reference the police report to see a diagram of the point of impact.


Our Clients Treatment

Our client was very fortunate and only sustained strain to the neck and left shoulder. After his physician concluded there was no serious or permanent damage, he was recommended to a chiropractor. The chiropractor helped to rehabilitate his joints and muscles. After several visits our client was given a clean bill of health and was pain free.


One Of The Ways Our Firm Stands Out

During our clients treatment we are in communication with them. This is a very important part of making sure our clietns get a fair settlement. A common mistake that people make is settling a claim only later to find out that they still have medical problems from the accident. The problem here is that once the settlement is closed, you can not go back and get more money from their insurance, even though your new medical bills were caused by the accident. We specialize in helping our clients get all medical bills that are related to the accident covered.

The Settlement

Large settlements are typical on serious injuries or traumatic experiences. Our client was aware that this was not the case here and did not want to pursue an un-necessary settlement. He was just concerned about a fair settlement to cover medical expenses, including his chiropractic visits as well as loss of income from missing work. We were able to help our client secure a settlement of more the 10 times the amount that the Insurance initially offered! This covered all medical expenses, vehicle repairs, lost income and gave him some money in his pocket.

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