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We Can Help You Get Fair Compensation After Being Involved In A Truck Accident

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

  1. Their Insurance Company Is Not Interested In Your Wellbeing
  2. Their Insurance Will Try To Pay Out As Little As Possible
  3. Trucking Companies Are Experienced In Defending Claims Like Yours
  4. They Have Departments Dedicated To Denying Claims
  5. They Have Started Defending Their Case As Soon As The Accident Happened
  6. They Dispatch Field Agents Who Show Up At The Scene To Investigate

Trucking Companies Are Very Good At Denying Claims

They Have Been Dealing With This For Decades And Know How To Minimize Their Costs

We Know How To Defend You Against Large Companies

How Soon Can I Get Help?

Time is very important!

You can be talking to our Truck Accident Lawyer within 60 seconds!

We need to start investigating and gathering evidence immediately.

What Will It Be Like Working With Us?

Right now you feel stress, worry and fear that you will never be righted the wrong that was done to you.

Imagine that stress, worry and fear gone!

You will feel free with that burden removed. As your lawyers that is what we give you!

What Makes Us The Best Choice?

Jordan Jewkes has spent years working for and defending large nationwide insurance companies.

This give him an inside advantage in knowing how to defend you against them.

Jordan opened his own firm so he could help those who have been wronged against these companies.

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Hiring Us

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Recent Reviews

Venis S

Newnan, GA

Date: Aug 22, 2016
From the time I met Jordan he displayed the utmost professionalism. He was very patient and diligent. When the insurance company tried to low ball us he stood his ground and went to bat for me. I would definitely recommend Jordan to anyone looking for an honest, professional and dedicated personal injury attorney.

"An Honest And Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney"

Cody G

Newnan, GA

Date: Aug 10, 2016
I reached out to Jordan after being involved in a car accident. The help and guidance he provided me made the entire process seamless and simple. Jordan is extremely proficient at negotiation and working with insurance companies. He will make sure that you are completely compensated in every way.

"Expert Negotiation Skills With Insurance Companies"

Services Provided
We were able to help Cody In a Car Accident Case. Luckily his injuries were minor, but we were still able to get him money in his pocket.

Kyle A

Tyrone, GA

Date: Jun 29, 2016
My company has used The Jewkes Firm and we have never been let down! We have used a number of attorneys and Jordan Jewkes is by far the best attorney we have ever dealt with! If you want the best, you want Jordan Jewkes!

"If You Want The Best, You Want Jordan Jewkes!"

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The Longer You Wait To Start Gives The Trucking Company A Better Chance Of Winning!

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